Malindo Airways is a Malaysian airline which is headquarted in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Malindo is derived from the two countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. When you are searching for a air flight with Malindo Air, you can realize that it is not involving any agents or intermediaries. The Malindo AIrways is just search and research engine, pure and simple which means that once you have found the flight you can directly book your ticket through clicking Malindo Airways.

When you are planning for your holiday or traveling for work, Malindo Airways is the best and recommended air carriers. With the provided cheap flights by Malindo Airways, you can find the best location to reserve your hotel and car rental service. The Malindo Airlines came into existence in 2012 and it provides cleartrip which facilitates easy, reliable and fast air tickers booking. The Malindo Airlines continuously gives you the information in a way that it can help you in booking your air tickets and complete plan for your trip.

The schedule of Malindo Airlines constitutes a complete idea about their flights operating across the world such as flight timings, flight arrivals and departures, flight numbers, their routes and on which days they are operating etc. In order to enjoy cheaper air fares for Malindo AIrlines, you need to book your ticket in advance only. The top international sectors of Malindo Airline which includes Kaula Lumpur to Penang, Kaula Lumpur to Kota Bharu, Penang to Kaula Lumpur and Kaula Lumpur to Lang Kawi. In addition to these, Malindo airlines have occasional air flights including Sanya to Penang, Kaula Lumpur to Sanya and Sanya to Kaula Lumpur.


How to book your ticket through Malindo Airlines


In order to get the services of Malindo, you need to register the account in the online website of Malindo airlines i.e. in which you will be found out the book a flight, baggage, manage my booking, flights, latest promotions, etc. After completion of registration, you can get to know the travel information in which you will be viewed where to fly and route map. Based on that, you can book your flight ticketthrough online website of Malindo airlines. You can make your payment very easily by the use of online service. 

You can utilie the options such as group booking and manage my booking. In the group booking section, Malindo Airlines offers you submit your order form. Once you submitted that, the company will contact you within twenty four hours of time. While filling the form, you have to make a note that you need to enter valid email address to receive a copy of your request and mention correct location. If your current location is not in the mentioned list by Malindo Airlines which contains popular towns or cities, you can opt for next nearest location. To book the tickets through group booking, the Malindo Airlines put some constraints which are described in the below such as:minimum eight passengers or more at departure flight, in accordance with the current seats availability and your group booking seats, the Malindo airlines offers you the fare quotation based on the confirmation of your tickets. 

After confirmation, fare quote will be added within 48 hours upon receiving the group request. You can pay the amount through credit card or cheque or cash payment to Malindo bank account.

Based on the group booking, you can get the benefits such as flexible payment, dedicated support, fare quote is inclusive of 15 or 30 kg baggage allowance, light refreshments or hot meals and in-flight entertainment. The Malindo Airlines will not take any charges for credit card payment and it allow the changes of name before 48 hours of your flight departure and before tickets issuance. If you have any queries regarding Malindo Group booking, you can communicate with the customer service representatives and they are available from Monday to Friday with the timings 9 am to 6 pm.
Manage My Booking based on Malindo Airlines

After making your ticket booking, maybe you are desired to modify your information or cancel the ticket due to some reasons or you had done mistakes while entering the valid information like email id, contact number, etc. In order to avoid that situation or edit or update the information, you can visit the Manage My Booking of Malindo Airlines which allow you to update your correct information after booking the ticket. Based on your update information, contacts, APIS and special service requests, you need to reprint the e-ticket itinerary and you may eligible to get refund of your money under applied restrictions by Malindo Airlines. Thereafter, you can check your confirmed e-ticket itinerary through check-in online option by entering the proper details which includes last name, booking reference and email id.


Malindo Air Travel Insurance


To create a smart way for travelling, the Malindo Airlines developed a travel insurance also which can attract more customers towards Malindo Airlines in addition to its cheap cost for travelling. Malindo Airlines maintaining the partnership with Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad to develop a Malindo Air Travel Insurance from which you can ensure higher level of products and services while you travelling with Malindo Air flight. The Malindo Air Travel Insurance plans will be applicable for all types of trips whether domestic or international round trip. This travel insurance of Malindo Airlines, you can get the protection from travel inconveniences that subsume losing your travel documents, baggage, trip cancellation and other travel inconveniences. With peace of mind, you can travel to anywhere you want through the use of Malindo Air Travel Insurance. When you book a flight ticket in Malindo Airlines, you can purchase the Malindo Air Travel Insuranve to gain the aforementioned benefits.

The Malindo Airlines offers you to view the flight status where you can trace the flight using the origin airport, destination airport, flight date and flight number. In addition to the official website of Malindo Airlines, you can visit other websites like, Using these sites also, you can get fare quotes if you book the ticket in advance. Under terms and conditions, you need to apply for the tickets booking for Malindo Airlines.


Malindo Business Class


The Malindo Airlines facilitates you luxury meet comforts in which you can recline and relax on full leather seats with 45 inches of legroom spaciousness. In recent years, everyone using their own gadgets and maybe you will come across the battery low situation suddenly while you are travelling in a flight. So, the company offers you a three pin power supply pocket on the side of your seat and you can utilize the facility if you are having gadgets. You can receive the personalized services at our newly-enhanced check in lounge with the business class. As a traveller of Malindo Business Class, you can get the in-flight entertainment where you can watch your favorite programs, latest block blusters and games etc. using touch screens like your own personal tablet. 

The Malindo airlines provides you specially catered meals which are prepared by professional chefs and you can enjoy the food by ordering the items through in-flight menu which tantalizes taste buds much to the delight. The business class of Malindo Airlines allows you to extra baggage of 40 kg and you can leave nothing while travelling but you have worries at departure. The Malindo airlines offers you the power supply pocket, free wi-fi connectivity and USB port so you want to stay connected there only. The business class seats available for specific flights only to all international sectors except Singapore. Here, you need to make a note that the business class seats booking not applicable for promotional fares and it is non-transferable, non-refundable.


Malindo Corporate

If you are having a company with huge travel programme or small travel programme, you can apporach to the Malindo Corporate due to it facilitates you best corporate fares in accordance with your needs. So that, your company executives will show much interest to fly with Malindo Airlines whose authentication is in its innovation in serving of premium products and services. With the partnership of Malindo Corporate, you can obtain the customized solutions which are provided by the Malindo Corporate Sales team. These solution can help to your company to reach unique goals through travel expenses via your preferred travel agency company. In order to make urgent travels and control your company travels and expenditures, you can enjoy the savings based on the optimum prices on business related travel with Malindo Airlines. To get the above-mentioned advantages as a company manager, you can register with Malindo Airlines by filling the registration form online. If you completed the registration process, your company will be notified via email as a partner of Malindo Airlines. 

Malindo Miles and Malindo Air frequent flyer program gives you the best experiences throughout your life. Because, the program offers you to visit a world of exclusive privileges for making your travel rewarding. Accordingly, you can earn your miles and redeem your flights through this program. Extending this services, the Malindo provides that you can enjoy the privileges and get rewards by the company partners. For involving into the program of Malindo Air frequent flyer, you can apply for membership online without any charges. Malindo airlines overshadowed the other airlines with its world's fastest-growing airlines. Since 2013, the Malindo airlines have grown to be a major role in Malaysia and Indonesia with more than 800 flights over 40 routes. For its best services in airlines, the Malindo received an award of Airline of the Year 2014 by KLIA awards 2014 and Top performing Airline award in 2015 by Travelport.


Malindo Boarding pass and loyality charges


The Malindo airlines provides you great loyality offers whether you are travelling based on the business work or leisure time. You just present the boarding pass card or Malindo Mile card to the partners of Malindo and you can enjoy as much as you can by savings utilized through the provided offers.


 Malindo Privacy Policy

Malindo Privacy Policy sets out in a way that uses and protection of any information that you are going through the Malindo Airlines online website. Based on the privacy statement of Malindo, the company assured that your privacy is protected where the company asks about the information you can be identified like collection of personal data, processing personal data, disclosure of personal information, security and cookies. In the collection of personal data, the Malindo Airlines asks you the information related to your name, address, Passport or Government National ID card numbers, IP addresses, email, credit or debit card details, etc. At some instances, the company will ask you to provide the medical conditions of yours which may affect the chosen flight arrangements. It collect your information when you participated in the events or promotions or competitions conducted by Malindo Airlines. This information can be used by Malindo Airlines to provide and personalize your service and may use contact details for communicating with you. 

The company may use your data to send any offers and new relevant to Malindo Airlines by the use of your mobile number or email id or fax number, etc. Your information might be used the company in below processes to identify your requirements and preferences such as accounting, immigration and customs control, safety, health, security, statistical and marketing analysis, systems testing, maintenance and development, billing and audit, credit and other payment cards, customer surveys and much more. The Malindo airlines may assess your collected information to develop and improve their business.  For any further information visit mailando contact support

To curb the unauthorized access of your information, the Malindo implemented the strict security policies, rules and technical measures in order to protect your provided information from improper use of disclosure, unlawful destruction, unauthorized modification and accidental loss. All Malindo employees and data processors who used to access your information, they are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of your information. The company collects the information from cookies also by adapting the modern technologies and developments into the Malindo Airlines.