Malindo Booking

Malindo Booking

Malindo air is an airline based organization which is headquartered in Petaling Jaya. The fleet of Malindo airlines constitutes Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900 ER, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, etc. All provided air crafts by Malindo airlines are adorned with excellent seat facility and enough leg space. In addition to these, the Malindo airways offers you in-flight services which makes you feel comfortable and easiness while travelling in Malindo air crafts. With the Business Class Malindo booking, you can experience the 45 inches leg room with delighted food during your journey and in-flight entertainment also.

If you want to book a ticket for economy class in Malindo airlines, you can experience the facilities like plush leather seats with wider seat pitches of 32 inches. For everyone, in-flight entertainment also provided by Malindo airways that means you can use the personal TV as your own and you can watch your favorite TV programs, play games, etc. Apart from this entertainment, the Malindo airlines facilitates you that light snacks and free meal for every seat of economy class. In order to enjoy the above-mentioned facilities by Malindo airlines, you also can be a passenger of the Malindo airplane by utilizing the online booking option.

Online Malindo Booking is the best and optimum medium than visiting the airport physically owing to its easier access and convenience. You can book your air ticket of Malindo Airlines based on the online website i.e. from any where whether it is home or office. The other benefit for online Malindo Booking is that you can get the information about flight schedule or any delay in arrival and departure times. So that, you need not dreading your mind may be the flight is missed.

The major essential airports are served by Malindo airlines including Johar Bahru Int., Langkawi Int., Penang airport, Kuching Int., Indira Gandhi airport Int., Kochi Int., Chatrapathi Shivaji Int., etc. Apart from this, the Malindo airlines has international links so that you can travel to any location in the world. Malindo Air informs to its travelers related to any modifications in the flight timings through SMS to their registered mobile numbers. Passengers can feel seemless and pleasant experiences based on the Malindo Airlines commitment.

Otherwise, you can check the status of flight by visiting the official website of Malindo Airways. When it comes to baggage allowance, the Malindo airlines offers you 7 kg of baggage allowance for each passenger. The checked-in baggage allowance of Malindo airlines allows you that 30 kg and 20 kg for business class passenger and economy class passenger respectively. If the limit of baggage allowances will increase, you need to pay extra charges and the sport equipment including golf set, cricket set, shuttle set, etc. are allowed inside the Malindo aircraft with free of cost. In conclusion, you can feel that the Malindo Booking is very easy and simple and it is available to you at lowest price fares. You can utilize the option of web check-in also which can create convenient for you as a passenger of Malindo airlines. But, the facility is available for you from 48 hours to four hours before departure time.